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Teriyaki Noodles

30 May

It’s WEDDING SUNDAY!!!!! I don’t know if I’m the only freak of nature that is this obsessed with Wedding Sunday but I pretty much look forward to this day all week.

And tonight is finally the season premiere of not one but TWO shows- Bridezillas and all time fav My Fair Wedding!!! I may or may not be obsessed with David Tutera but i mean honestly what can’t this guy do? He’s incredible!

ahhh how can life get much better :)? The only thing that’s missing right now is my giraffe but he will be visiting soon enough so we can go to the beach and sloth around together. I didn’t think it would be this hard to be apart but I think we are so used to being together that we don’t really know what to do with ourselves when the other isn’t around.

aww how cute!?!

Anyways, I’ve really been wanting to try a kelp noodle dish lately just to mix up my daily salad routine but haven’t been to the store/don’t really know where to look for kelp noodles. So instead I turned to my handy dandy notebook (jk Ani’s Raw Food Essentials) and made her teriyaki noodles for dinner last night.

except i subbed the kelp noodles for carrot “linguine” noodles and added spinach to my sauce for more greeeeeens. I just peeled one carrot with a potato peeler to make my noodles.

I was surprised by how much it felt like i was really eating noodles! I didn’t feel like i was missing out on carbs at all. Only problem was that it didn’t last long enough on my plate :). I will definitely be making more carrot noodle dishes and trying out different sauces…. I’m thinking spaghetti might be next.

And for breakfast, my usual shake

I don’t know about you, but I like something to chew on in my food. I find that it slows me down while I’m eating and allows me to enjoy my shakes longer so I like to add just a little bit of quinoa.

I don’t really measure when i make this so these are all approximates but in case you’re interested….

Chewy Smoothie (any recommendations for a better name?)

1/8 cup uncooked quinoa -> (i usually cook 1/4 cup the night before so i have 2 servings worth on hand)

2 handfuls of spinach

1/3 cup of cucumber

1 scoop sun warrior vanilla protein powder

1/2 frozen banana

1/2 cup almond milk

3/4 cup of frozen blueberries

blend and enjoy!

And don’t forget WEDDING SUNDAY tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Winner Winner

29 May

non-chicken dinner!

Yesterday turned out to be successful in the fashion department. I bought 2 dresses and a shirt and even though I dropped some stacks they are all gorg!!

I also won a giveaway which is crazy because I never win anything!! I won Saxy Stuff Shopping bags from Cathy at Let’s Be Green Together. She really loves these bags and they look super cute so I can’t wait to try mine out πŸ™‚

I have also been working on my socca skills

I cut my recipe down by 1/4 to make a single servingΒ  portion. Although it still isn’t at the beauty queen stage, I managed to mostly keep this one together and not pour an entire bottle of garlic peppa on it YAY ME!

I ate this bad boy with the last of my curry egg salad and some greens, yum.

Another one of my obsessions that I’ve been enjoying lately………Angela’s Banana Soft Serve Vegan Overnight Oats!!!!

here is the VOO made the night beforeonce again…not really a looker but don’t underestimate the greatness that your tummy will expirience when you layer this puppy with banana soft serve….

Banana + Oats= Pure Bliss (In case you didn’t know i LOVE bananas-> See blog title ;))

Look at that thick/smooth/chewy goodness. I suggest you make these. NOW. it will change your life.

Ok, phew enough food porn for one day. ENJOY!

Ani Phyo and a giveaway

28 May

I recently bought Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Essentials and I must say this cookbook is awesome!


If you are just starting out with a raw foods diet and don’t really know how to begin or want more info this book is perfect because it not only has beginner (and advanced) recipes, but she describes the benefits of certain foods, what appliances are best, and staples that should be in your kitchen! I’m so happy that I bought this and I’m really learning so much. Even if you’re not new to this diet I would suggest it.

Also, Chocolate-Covered Katie is having a giveaway that just happens to go along with her Hug a Fat month!

Even though I’m not a fan of coconut oil, I’m hoping that cacao bliss might change my mind πŸ™‚ Plus, the padres love them some coconut… they even put coconut oil in there rice, YUCK! oh well we’re a weird family.

The pure2raw twins are also having a giveaway for a $50 iherb giftcard. You bet your bootay i entered that one!!!

Well I’m off to shop with the madre! I’ll tell you if I find any sweet deals.

socca fiasco..

28 May

SATC was so good! Carrie was a bit of a bizotch and annoying for some reason but Samantha is absolutely hysterical! Prob the funniest she’s ever been and liza minnelli even makes an appearance and let me tell you something…the lady has still got it hahaha.

Workout was awesome today! I usually like to wake up and go straight to the gym to get my workout done for the day and get some energy but today I was uber lazy and only wanted to eat and lay around. Good thing my friend Bria was having the same problem and missed her boot camp class this morning because she convinced me to go to spinning with her. I’m not much into spinning but it’s good to mix things up to keep from getting bored. After me did the elliptical and then and abs class…….I’m sore 😦 looks like bodypump won’t be happening tomorrow.

So I tried making socca today and let’s just say I looked like a toddler finger painting ( I basically made a huge mess). Not only did this thing turn out lumpy, only half cooked, and half on the counter but I also managed to pour about 1/4 cup of pure garlic pepper onto it because this helmet head opened the pour side of the top instead of the sprinkle :(. No fear though! dinner still turned out DELISH and was devoured within a matter of seconds.

Even though I refuse to post a picture of my frankenstein of a socca, I will share what I had along with it.


I made a salad of spinach, sprouts, tomatoes, and my own little concoction that I think tastes like curry egg salad. Get excited because here’s your first recipe!

Curry Egg Salad

1Β  cups cauliflower

1 carrot

1/2 T curry powder

1 clove garlic

1 tsp paprika

1 T vegenaise

1 tsp fresh ginger

1 T nutritional yeast

Put in food processor and ta da! lunch is served

Raw Cheesecake

26 May

oh yes.

Don’t let its simplicity fool you…this thing is gooooood. I didn’t add any toppings to this one because I didn’t want my head bitten off but it honestly doesn’t even need any. BUT, if it were up to me I might have made this chocolate cheesecake with some cacao nibs on top NOM NOM NOM!

It is always trouble when I bake. Not gonna lie i licked the blender clean. Oh well, guess I’ll be jogging a couple extra miles tomorrow 😦

Besides baking I also bought a raw cookbook today and I of course had to buy some new goodies to test out including mesquite and stevia…can’t wait!

Onto tonight……SEX AND THE CITY!!! So excited for the premiere! I’m obsessed with the clothes and shoes (I am a retail merchandising major after all). I’ll post a review tomorrow πŸ™‚

Hello…no one

26 May

I am well aware of the fact that I can’t expect anyone to actually read this for awhile but using this as a journal was kind of my intention in the first place. So here goes nothing….my first blog entry!

Well I can confidently say I never thought I would have a blog. EVER. I mean who am I? I’m just your average college student bored at home over summer who randomly stumbled upon vegan and health blogs during my research of raw food diets. I really don’t even know how that started but needless to say HERE I AM.

And now I am completely consumed with the whole thing. Everyday i try new recipes, bake new things (except not really bake because my desserts are raw) it’s like a whole new world has opened up and I’m the fat kid in the candy store! My parents are loving it too because they get to taste test all my creations and everything is guilt-free πŸ˜‰ love raw food!

So far I feel so good with my new eating habits. I just really like not feeling guilty about the food I eat and by eating natural foods with no chemicals or preservatives I can eat until my tummy is content :). My parents’ treat for today= raw cheesecake. I’m also going to try making socca bread that the pure2raw twins are loving (looks so good!). Wish me luck!