Hello…no one

26 May

I am well aware of the fact that I can’t expect anyone to actually read this for awhile but using this as a journal was kind of my intention in the first place. So here goes nothing….my first blog entry!

Well I can confidently say I never thought I would have a blog. EVER. I mean who am I? I’m just your average college student bored at home over summer who randomly stumbled upon vegan and health blogs during my research of raw food diets. I really don’t even know how that started but needless to say HERE I AM.

And now I am completely consumed with the whole thing. Everyday i try new recipes, bake new things (except not really bake because my desserts are raw) it’s like a whole new world has opened up and I’m the fat kid in the candy store! My parents are loving it too because they get to taste test all my creations and everything is guilt-free 😉 love raw food!

So far I feel so good with my new eating habits. I just really like not feeling guilty about the food I eat and by eating natural foods with no chemicals or preservatives I can eat until my tummy is content :). My parents’ treat for today= raw cheesecake. I’m also going to try making socca bread that the pure2raw twins are loving (looks so good!). Wish me luck!


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