Just do it.

1 Jun

I want to talk a little bit about self motivation.

Today was turned out to be one of those days where I was completely against working out, but if given any excuse to not go I would take it in a heartbeat. I’ve been noticing that I feel this way a lot lately but I know that’s only because it’s summer and I have nothing to get done therefore no motivation to do anything.

Anyways, what tends to happen is if i=I don’t workout first thing in the morning then I tend to just not go to the gym at all (being I’m a morning workout person and HATE working out at night). So I made my usual green smoothie and ran some errands. All day I found myself lagging a little and wishing I had worked out but not really wanting to actually do it.

I convinced myself around dinner time and ended up having a pretty decent 4 mile run followed by about 10 minutes in the sauna. Now, I feel AWESOME and finally got an energy jolt.

Sometimes my body truly astonishes me. It literally only takes me getting into my workout clothes and walking out my front door for me to “get in the mood” to workout. On days where I think I’m going to have a terrible workout, I tend to find myself pushing to make it better.

My point with all this is to say that even if you think you can’t do it, you can. You may think your mind is telling you one thing but by simply changing your surroundings or repeating a motivational phrase and DOING IT you’ll find that your body knows best and it wants you to find that push to get things going.

Motivation tips TO workout:

  • Put your workout clothes on. Simple but effective. I always feel to guilty to take it off so I tell myself I’ll go for a “short/light” workout and somehow find that I’m pushing myself harder and harder during the workout.
  • Get a membership to a gym that is no more than 5 minutes from your house. Chances are that you’ll prob be more motivated if you inconvenience yourself as little as possible.
  • Sign up for a class. If your workout is already scheduled then you already made time for it. You can’t quit now!

Motivation tips WHILE working out:

  • I ALWAYS workout with music and a magazine. I swear I can zone out like no other when I’m reading a magazine on the stair master but i still manage to squeeze my buns in the process ;). Find something that keeps you from getting bored and focusing on how much time is left in your workout.
  • I like to break the time up. For instance, when i run 30 minutes and I find myself already wishing I was done at 8 minutes, tell yourself only 2 more minutes and you’re already 1/3 done!
  • Mix up your workout. If you always do the elliptical machine then try the bike, etc.
  • Do a bunch of machines for shorter amounts of time. When I’m getting bored doing only one type of cardio machine I’ll do 10 min. running, 10 min. elliptical, and 10 min. stair-master= 30 min. cardio done BOOM!
  • If you only like doing ONE thing such as the treadmill, try doing intervals instead of running at a solid pace. I find that intervals really make the time fly by.

Anyways these are just some of my personal tips. I hope they help! What do you do to stay motivated?


2 Responses to “Just do it.”

  1. Lauren (Clean Eats in the Dirty South) June 2, 2010 at 10:24 am #

    Great tips! I’m exactly the same way… I’d secretly loooove it if the gym burned down.
    I find that if I’m not in the mood to go, I’m usually being lazy seeing as I only go to the gym 4-5 times a week.
    My number one saving grace has been my iPod. I’ll always put it on shuffle to find a great song, and I’ll also find comedians like Eddie Izzard. I put an entire comedy show on there and found myself giggling away on the crosstrainer.
    Also… Yay for saunas!!

    • bananasforbananas June 2, 2010 at 11:21 am #

      Oh gosh I tried the comedian thing with dane cook and I just looked like a huge idiot because I can NOT control my laughing almost to the point where I’m about to rofl. Then people just stare and it’s awkward lol

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