6 Jun

Sorry for all the changes guys! The blog was looking alittle boring and plain to me so I’m trying to spice it up alittle and make it more fun. Is this better?

Last night we ate at The Palm with my parents and my uncle, aunt and cousins because they were in town celebrating one cousin’s birthday and the others graduation from high school at Universal. I must say this place was WAY over priced and they couldnt even seat us all at the same table. There weren’t many options for me (good thing I wasn’t hungry) but Carson also didn’t enjoy the crab cakes he got. They were basically just mounds of crab lumped on his plate and there was no “filling” or breading on it. Good thing they brought bread and butter beforehand though.

He LOVES his butter and it also took an hour and a half just to get the salads, upon which they brought my salad (entree) out with the appetizers so I had to sit there while everyone ate their entrees.

my mediocre salad of lettuce and tomato

Needless to say we weren’t too pleased with The Palm and we won’t be going again.

So anyways about wedding sunday last week….I lied. It wasn’t the premiere of bridezilla and David Tutera, those are actually today! Along with SOOOOOO many other premieres! I don’t know what to do with myself there is so much I want to watch. I guess I’ll just have to plop my butt on the couch for a couple of hours, it’s hard to be me sometimes lol

my other lurve

Tonight’s highlights:


Well my bloggy buddies pardon my bluntness but I feel I can be honest with you guys. I’ve been strangely bloated lately.

I know that changing my diet requires a period of adjustment time for my body to acclimate itself but I’ve noticed a change that makes me feel it may be a certain food.

To find the culprit I’ve decided to cut out carrots, beans, apples, and raisins for a couple days and to TRY to reduce my intake of bananas but lord knows I love my bananas. For more info click here

Well I’m off to the gym! Do me a favor and give yourselves the night off to enjoy some awesome tv tonight and save the stress for tomorrow, night!!


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