Sweet Potato Smoothie

7 Jun

Morning bloggies! Did everyone watch their shows last night? You know I did! Phew that was a lot of tv and I wasn’t expecting the Next Food Network Star to be 2 HOURS but sall good. I still have to watch the Movie Awards but Carson recorded it so we can watch it commercial-free when I visit him on thursday.

I forgot to mention earlier but this morning I had a photo shoot to get some professional pics taken. They aren’t necessarily for anything but my mom wants to send them in to some agencies to see if I can start modeling. I’ve always dreamed of modeling but to me it’s one of those things that I never thought I was really good enough for. I mean I’m no Victoria’s secret angel (my Dream has always been to be one 🙂 hehehe) I’m just little old nobody bianka.

But I really enjoyed today and the pictures were looking really good so only time will tell. I’ll post some of the pictures when the photographer sends them, I can’t wait!

the park where we did the photo shoot

After the photo sesh I made a green monster with sweet potato! It was pretty delish and I was pleasantly surprised

than again how could anything be bad with sweet potato?

Sweet Potato Smoothie

1/2 sweet potato (cooked)

1 cup blueberries

2 cups spinach

1 scoop sun warrior

dash of cinnamon

enough water to blend and some ice to thicken

Have an awesome monday!


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