Hot to Trot

8 Jun

I honestly don’t know what I would do without the internet. Seriously!?#$%

Only through my random stumbling around the web did I discover the raw diet and revive my meatless lifestyle. Without my stumbling I would have never found such an awesome blogging community and would have NEVER been inspired to start my own blog. Although I am just starting out, I am truly grateful for everyone’s comments, support, and kindness thus far. PLEASE keep writing to me and letting me know you’re out there because you guys are what keep me inspired and motivated.

Anyhoo. As I was saying before I digressed, the web is filled with so much information and I get soo excited when I discover a hidden treasure that really interests me. Well last night after randomly looking up a workout on youtube did I find Zuzana’s workout videos for her blog This was definately not love at first sight though and on first glance I thought her “working out” was just a form of soft core porn for pervs on youtube (sorry to be blunt). But after looking at her blog and checking out a couple more videos (as well as being completely envious of her abs) I fell in love with what she was saying (just try to get past the cleavage).

Since my goal these days is to tone, I want to try her workouts out since they are plyometric based. All of her workouts are around 20 minutes but they are HIGH intensity and will leave you out of breath for sure. They usually don’t reqiure anything but a timer so you can workout at home. I was so inspired that this morning I tried the hot to trot workout. I was definitely out of breath but I think I’m going to have to get used to such a short workout and my elbos is hurting alittle from the monkey push-ups other than that I was sweating like a pig so I’ll keep updating you guys on my progress!

I’m off to the beach, byez!


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