Saxsy Surprise

14 Jun

Guess what i got in the mail today!?!?

My giveaway prize finally came!!!! How cute is it that they came in a little carrying case?

From now on I’m shopping in style lol. Thanks again Cathy!


Today was shopping day again. I feel like I’m always buying food :/ woops.

My mom’s making dinner for my step dad tonight (it’s always hit or miss with him) and she wanted to make chicken. After browsing the aisles she decided on this

I’m excited to see the results because for me curry=yummm.

I also got some things that I’ve been wanting for a while

chocolate pudding anyone?

and this

Holla! Now I can make REAL homemade hummus. I already put some in that white bean dip that’s almost gone and it finally started to taste more hummusy. I’m alittle afraid though because hummus is like crack to me. I’ve already been dipping raw chips/veggies/anything I can get my hands on into that dip ALL DAY today. Not good. But yes, yes it is 🙂

To stop my crazy munching I decided to prep dinner

I decided on a monster salad to counteract the hummus intake. This bad boy has spinach, cuc, tomato, red pepper, green beans and will get delish dressing a little later after a shopping trip to Lucky for new jeans 🙂

Remeber- eat your greens!!!


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