Cleaning out my closet

15 Jun

Don’t you hate when you have something planned out in your head and then your forced to change it?

Well last night I decided that I would do body pump this morning and maybe some cardio but didn’t check the schedule to make sure the class was today. Of course it wasn’t. It was yogalates and def not what I was in the mood for but it actually turned out to be a really good thing because I realized I’ve been missing my cardio 🙂

today’s workout:

10 min. jog at 6.5 mph/0 incline; followed by 5 min. walking at 4 mph/5 incline – then repeat for a total of 30 min.

followed by 15 min. on the elliptical at level 7 and 15 min. of abs and back = 1 hour workout

When I got home I had the usual green smoothie with some of these bad boys

ya I know they’re probable genetically modified to make them that huge but I don’t care, these puppies are glorious


As for the curry last night, it was a hit! My parents loved it and my mom said it was SPICY SPICY SPICY!! So beware if you go to make curry using that spice packet. My mom loves spicy food though so she was in heaven.

*News update*- So I completely forgot to mention the fact that in less than a week I will be moving! Yup no more lounging around at home with nothing to do. It’s finally time for summer school and I’m soooooooo excited because I’m finally living in an apartment (no more dormsssss!!!!) AND I’m living with giraffe and one of his frat bros for the summer 🙂 Get ready for craziness ahhhh!

So where am i moving to you ask? I’ll give you some hints-

  • It’s in Florida
  • It’s north of Orlando
  • It’s a public University
  • Our mascot isn’t an animal
  • It’s the capitol of FL
  • It’s freakin rage

If you still haven’t guessed it I’m a Seminole! I can’t tell you how excited I am to get back to Tally. My freshman year seriously went by way to fast and I feel like I didn’t take full advantage of it so this year I’m planning on going out a lot more and going on all the trips/ date functions/ socials i can!

Since I only have a little time left at home I’ve started to buckle down on the things I need to get done. One of which is clean out my closetAnd no that’s not all of it

And even that’s not all but you get the idea.

So far this is what I’ve accomplished

It’s a start.I really liked what Angela had to say about getting rid of clothes- if I haven’t worn it in a full calendar year (all types of weather!) it gets donated.” So I used that rule of thumb while sorting out the keep and dump piles and it reallllly helped. Thanks girl!

What do you guys do with your old clothes?

– I usually just give it to my mom and she’ll sometimes give it to people she knows who are less fortunate or send it to family we have in Brazil.


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