New obsession

16 Jun

Where does the time go??

It’s already Wednesday and I have so much to do! I started the day with body pump which I have been missing lately. I feel like since I’ll be loving soon I should get my body pump fix because my gym in Tally sadly doesn’t offer the class 😦

For breakfast I had Chocolate cherry bomb that looked a lot less pretty than this

but I did add a little dollop of almond butta because I noticed that I haven’t been that hungry lately and so I’ve been having a little trouble getting enough calories. But don’t worry Mr. Almond Butta can fix that 🙂

After a day of shopping I picked these up

Cathy Jean Shoes

ooh la la

And was super hungry so I whipped up a monster salad with sweet potato on the side.

bet you’re wondering what the dressing is huh? Wellllllll…this is actually the second time I’ve used this dressing and I have to say I’m kind of loving/obsessed with it at the moment. So what is it bianka? Answer- Spicy brown mustard.

This is especially weird for me because I have NEVER liked mustard, in fact I loathed it. But this spicy mustard is kind of horseradishy and delicious I don’t know lol I just like it and you should definitely try it if you’re getting bored with your same old, same old.

All I do is put a little mustard and water in a bowl (just to thin it out) and if you want add a little stevia if you can’t handle it straight up

And since it’s Indian Food Wednesday I dressed my wittle sweet potato with some curry, cumin, paprika, salt and peppa. It wasn’t my best yet but still pretty tasty and HUGE. I’m coping with a food baby right now as I type.

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