17 Jun

Holy Hangover Batman!

Woke up at 2 pm feelin like I was back in high school. What a horrible feeling lol. Last night I got talked into going to a bar by my friends just to discover that it was free drinks til 12 which was basically the beginning of the end for me.

I went from this

to this

and this

woops. did i mention the free drinks? yeah, not my fault.

Let’s make things even worse shall we? When I got home I proceeded to binge on anything and everything in my kitchen which if I recall correctly was 1 and 1/2 spelt english muffins and like 2 monster slices of vegan coffee cake dipped in the rest of the chocolate avocado mousse. What resulted from this was not pleasant and let’s just say I have a lot of regrets today. But for some reason I always binge after I drink. It’s my way of “soaking up the alcohol”, yeah right.

Anywho I wasn’t feeling very perky and chipper (in fact my mom thought I was fatally ill until I explained it was just the booze) so I decided to make a hangover over b-fast which consisted of a beautiful fruit salad

mmmm fresh, cold fruity in my tummy

and a carrot, apple, ginger, beet juice to knock some sense back into me

Did my hangover rememdy work? ehh not really but wutevs, this is what i get for being friends with gin and tonic 😦

Now although it is janie poo’s birthday dinner tonight and I’m being forced to go out, I am making a promise to myself and you all right now that i will not be drinking tonight. Eww just the thought is making me nauseous. We are also going to a new sushi/hibachi place by me so I will have picturas for you all about my meal lata.

And now that I’ve fully embaressed myself, what kind of shenanigans do you get into when you’ve had a few too many?


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