School’s back in

30 Jun

(Sorry I forgot to hit publish yesterday..silly me. This is a little belated now)


School started yesterday and I have to wake up at 8:20 everyday!! Isn’t that crazy! This is summer school, geez! I already have a quiz tomorrow too 😦 Now that school is back in sesh I prob won’t be posting everyday but I’m going to keep try don’t worry!

But enough of my complaining let’s get to what’s been going on lately.

For some reason I had really bad cramps all day yesterday. I’m not sure what that’s all about but besides yesterday’s episode I’m still loving eating smaller meals throughout the day. I’m never hungry but I’m also never bloated.

Me and Carson also worked out a pretty good workout schedule so that we bring our gym clothes and go straight after class. Also, because I have two classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday I’ve made those my weight training days so I’m not as sweaty for class 🙂

Now some random eats for you to enjoy

half a sweet potato, kale, kelp noodles, salsa, avocado+ veganaise

yeah, I apologize for the random concoctions but the good news is I’ve almost completely eaten the contents of my fridge! If you only knew how bad I want to go grocery shopping! I hate being a poor college student 😦


2 Responses to “School’s back in”

  1. squigglefloey July 1, 2010 at 12:51 am #

    I’m hating waking up for summer school as well 😦 8-12noon classes constitute as some major suckage.
    What classes are you taking?

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