Awesome Cooks

1 Jul

I have the coolest roomates ever.

I swear I have not seen a box of mac n cheese in our kitchen…not once!

Everytime I go in there, there is always someone cooking (mostly because the bodybuilders have to constantly eat/ my roomates are hungry growing boys) and they are usually cooking really GOOD food. Not once since I’ve been back in tally have me or carson eaten out and I also have yet to see any take out bags sitting around.

Take today for example. For some reason Carson got a craving for fresh spring rolls so me, him, and scott (not a bodybuilder) all went to club pub and got fresh vegetables, seafood, nori, and rice paper to make our own sushi and spring rolls! Seriously…the average college boy would not be interested in making gourmet sushi. You honestly would be lucky enough if you could get them to their hot pocket on a plate let alone eat their vegetables!

Look at the amazing stuff they made!

Scott got a little creative and put asparagus and mozzarella in his lol


I feel like a proud mama 🙂

btw I got the rice paper from World Market. Along with some Dark Chocolate, bebler’s fav 🙂

Ummm why I did not know about this store before I do not know but I was seriously in heaven. Prob my fav new place!

*World Market isn’t really a “grocery store”. They have a food section of non-perishables which include a lot of totally awesome ethnic goodies but it also has home furnishings, jewelry, etc.

Basically I will be going their to decorate my room for fall lol SO EXCITED!

What’s the theme for your room? I’m kind of torn between a beachy and asian theme…I just really want my room to be calming and soothing.


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