Late Night Brussel Sprouts

5 Jul

Hey everyone!

How’s your long weekend treatin ya? My was fratastic 🙂 Too bad I didn’t use my camera to take pictures yesterday so you’re going to have to wait for me to get them from the third party first. But I will tell you there was plenty of drinking, a slip n’ slide (or slip n’ bleed from the anooos, more on this in a different post), music, and sun. Def a fun time but it caused me and carson (along with Scott and a friend who stayed over) to pass out as soon as we got home around 6-7. I’m pretty sure we were in the middle of a conversation when we both just fell asleep! Bad bad bad lol.

Now onto today,

Since I didn’t have a very patriotic bfast yesterday I decided to make up for it today

With my fav smoothie except it’s red, green, and blue. Still pretty patriotic in my book!

And what did bebler have this morning? Something that has turned out to be his new fav bfast of choice…

english muffin+ peanut butter + honey + cinnamon

except I surprised him today and put peanut butter + cocoa powder on one side. He said it was yummy

And guess what it is already time for again???….. Grocery Shopping! Yup I am cleaning out the fridge again so last night in my crazy hungover state at 11 after napping off the july 4th madness I finished off my carrot sticks and the homemade hummus with, wait for it…

brussel sprouts… yes BRUSSEL SPROUTS! What hungover person in their right mind wants that as their get sober meal? Me I guess. But they were absolutely delish so no matter 🙂 I also picked at a brown rice tortilla to get some carb soakage going on.

And I furthered my random fridge emptying eats by making a huge batch of kale chips for dinner

with a very ripe and juicy nectarine, and some cashews which I can’t seem to put down lately :/

Hopefully I’ll get the fourth of july pictures sooner rather than later!


One Response to “Late Night Brussel Sprouts”

  1. jordan October 15, 2010 at 9:01 pm #

    your anorexia is inspirational

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