Motivation on my clothes

8 Jul

Motivation on workout clothes, awesome!

Friends help too though 🙂 Once again my friend Bria dragged me off my accounting studying butt and got me to do my cardio for the day.

Today’s workout:

Today was a rest day (thank goodness) so I stuck to 30 minutes walking on the treadmill. Half at 5 incline then I bumped it to 6 for the last 15 min. All was at 4.0 mph.

twas eazy peezy but I had just eaten and I also haven’t been doing much cardio lately so it still felt good.

I finished with some abs then called it a day.


Since I messed up my schedule by skipping out on my workout earlier in the day, my eating was totally random today. It always happens to me that when I don’t workout I’m always more hungry. Does this happen to you? I’m blaming being bored for the munching monster in me.

Anyhooo, after class I decided to make a smoothie but since my sun warrior stash is dwindling quickly 😦 I made a random concotion with this

a papaya, blueberry, strawberry smoothie + half a cherry pie lara bar+ and a heaping spoonful of quinoa

I’m trying to use up the cherry pie lara bars because they’re too tart plain so I’ve been trying to find things to eat them with. The smoothie wasn’t bad and the bar actually tasted really good crumbled in it but the quinoa def shouldn’t have been invited to the party. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Besides that it was actually really good and a tastier way to eat those bars.

Dinner was also rando

then I drizzled a ton of brown spicy mustard on top of everything and cleared out my sinuses for the day. Phew that was a lot of peppa!

Have I mentioned how much I hate accounting? Well I do. Wish me luck for my first test tomorrow, it’s back to studying for me!

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