Happy Belated July 4th

12 Jul

Ok guys….don’t hate me pleaseeee but my camera is broken! It is horrible, tragic, devastating, I don’t know what to do with myself!

*tear* 😦

basically it died while the lens was still out and now the lens won’t go back in. It just keeps saying lens error. So what does this mean? Well don’t worry I will still be posting but this just means there won’t be any new pics of food 😦 they’ll prob be recycled

protein cakes

or from the internet

chocolate banana crepes

(this is by no means raw or vegan but man does that look good!)

and you’ll prob be seeing a lot of stupid stuff like this

sorry in advance lol

but there is an upside to all of this because my big sis finally uploaded the pics from the 4th!!! Here is my holiday summed up in pictures

started out normal

then came the slip n slide

or in bebler’s case

slip and bleed from the an**s (dane cook anyone?)

I swear that boy was in pain for the next week. He still has cuts and bruises 😦

and then stuff got weird..

real weird

and i think you see where this is going and why we ended up calling it quits so early. Overall the day was a great success! *borat voice*

Happy belated 4th of July everyone!!

And get excited for tomorrows post because I’m going to be talking all about food preservatives and how they affect your body.


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