Food Preservatives Part 2

14 Jul

No matter what your goal is, whether to improve your health, lose weight, or look younger, I can tell you that the root of all of your problems stems from the over processing of food.

Now that you know how additives affect you, your first step should be to start moving towards whole foods. Your overall goal to live your healthiest life possible should be to eliminate as many artificial processed foods from your diet as possible.

Think about ancient times. Humans used to live of natural whole foods without the major health problems, disease, or obesity. They were active and healthy while simply living off what nature provided. Now think about all of the health problems today and the amount of fast food chains around the globe. As soon as you change something about a food it’s nutritional value decreases. Simply heated your food above around 118 F begins to decrease the nutrional value of your food. Now I’m not saying this is detrimental to your health and that the only way to live or achieve optimal health is by being a raw vegan (because this isn’t the case for everyone), but if something as simple as heating your food can alter the nutritional content that much, then how bad do you think deep fat frying, adding chemicals, and radiating your food are for your health?

The road to success lies in the elimination of these unnatural things and a return to whole foods. For years I was caught up with finding the perfect diet to help me lose weight. I know losing weight is not necessarily that hard of a thing to do, everyone always says all you have to do is eat less and exercise more but nothing was working for me. No matter what I did I wasn’t seeing results. I was so caught up on the amount of calories, fat, sugar, etc. that I didn’t even notice that I had never heard of/couldn’t even pronounce some of the things in the ingredients list of the food I was eating.

I’m telling you now that all of these things don’t matter. Bold statement? Maybe. True? The results speak for themselves. You will be amazed by how much cleaner and healthier you feel from the inside out. I eat whatever I want whenever I want. I haven’t looked at nutritional facts in months yet I know for a fact I am eating more (probably double) the calories I used to eat yet I haven’t gained any weight. Not only that but I constantly get compliments on how clear my skin is. It is so true what people say, “you are what you eat”. Everything you put in is reflected in your complexion, wrinkles, etc. This is also why I no longer take medication, even simple Tylenol for headaches. If man survived for thousands of years without chemicals and animals survive healthfully, disease-free without them, then why can’t we?

Stay tuned for Part 3!


3 Responses to “Food Preservatives Part 2”

  1. Michelle July 16, 2010 at 7:42 pm #

    Fantastic post. I believe exactly the same thing. I get compliments on my skin too. I swear by the gallons of water I drink and the amount I sweat. Clear of toxins and heavy on the moisture 😉

  2. Hotchick July 17, 2010 at 6:51 pm #

    Hi, just stumbled upon your blog, and you’re soo pretty. About the thousands of years without medication…yeah people lived, but if you do research, the average life span thousands of years ago was 30. So, I think meds help ppl. Just saying. =)

    • bananasforbananas July 18, 2010 at 12:50 am #

      To a certain extent, yes. I’m not against medicine in extreme cases, I just feel that people today rely on it too heavily to fix things that could be cured naturally without putting harsh chemicals into our bodies. But people are also living longer due to more diverse nutritional sources and the fact that we have constant food supplies.

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