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Motivation on my clothes

8 Jul

Motivation on workout clothes, awesome!

Friends help too though πŸ™‚ Once again my friend Bria dragged me off my accounting studying butt and got me to do my cardio for the day.

Today’s workout:

Today was a rest day (thank goodness) so I stuck to 30 minutes walking on the treadmill. Half at 5 incline then I bumped it to 6 for the last 15 min. All was at 4.0 mph.

twas eazy peezy but I had just eaten and I also haven’t been doing much cardio lately so it still felt good.

I finished with some abs then called it a day.


Since I messed up my schedule by skipping out on my workout earlier in the day, my eating was totally random today. It always happens to me that when I don’t workout I’m always more hungry. Does this happen to you? I’m blaming being bored for the munching monster in me.

Anyhooo, after class I decided to make a smoothie but since my sun warrior stash is dwindling quickly 😦 I made a random concotion with this

a papaya, blueberry, strawberry smoothie + half a cherry pie lara bar+ and a heaping spoonful of quinoa

I’m trying to use up the cherry pie lara bars because they’re too tart plain so I’ve been trying to find things to eat them with. The smoothie wasn’t bad and the bar actually tasted really good crumbled in it but the quinoa def shouldn’t have been invited to the party. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Besides that it was actually really good and a tastier way to eat those bars.

Dinner was also rando

then I drizzled a ton of brown spicy mustard on top of everything and cleared out my sinuses for the day. Phew that was a lot of peppa!

Have I mentioned how much I hate accounting? Well I do. Wish me luck for my first test tomorrow, it’s back to studying for me!

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Late Night Brussel Sprouts

5 Jul

Hey everyone!

How’s your long weekend treatin ya? My was fratastic πŸ™‚ Too bad I didn’t use my camera to take pictures yesterday so you’re going to have to wait for me to get them from the third party first. But I will tell you there was plenty of drinking, a slip n’ slide (or slip n’ bleed from the anooos, more on this in a different post), music, and sun. Def a fun time but it caused me and carson (along with Scott and a friend who stayed over) to pass out as soon as we got home around 6-7. I’m pretty sure we were in the middle of a conversation when we both just fell asleep! Bad bad bad lol.

Now onto today,

Since I didn’t have a very patriotic bfast yesterday I decided to make up for it today

With my fav smoothie except it’s red, green, and blue. Still pretty patriotic in my book!

And what did bebler have this morning? Something that has turned out to be his new fav bfast of choice…

english muffin+ peanut butter + honey + cinnamon

except I surprised him today and put peanut butter + cocoa powder on one side. He said it was yummy

And guess what it is already time for again???….. Grocery Shopping! Yup I am cleaning out the fridge again so last night in my crazy hungover state at 11 after napping off the july 4th madness I finished off my carrot sticks and the homemade hummus with, wait for it…

brussel sprouts… yes BRUSSEL SPROUTS! What hungover person in their right mind wants that as their get sober meal? Me I guess. But they were absolutely delish so no matter πŸ™‚ I also picked at a brown rice tortilla to get some carb soakage going on.

And I furthered my random fridge emptying eats by making a huge batch of kale chips for dinner

with a very ripe and juicy nectarine, and some cashews which I can’t seem to put down lately :/

Hopefully I’ll get the fourth of july pictures sooner rather than later!

Green Monster Cure

3 Jul

Last night was so fun

But I woke up this morning from a night of drinking and all i wanted was a nice cold refreshing green monster smoothie

into the magic bullet went the usual suspects: blueberries, strawberries, almond milk, almonds, sun warrior, and spinach

=perfect hangover cure πŸ™‚

While I enjoyed my smoothie, Carson got something extra special. Since it is our anniversary tomorrow and we’re having a date night tonight, I decided I would start things off extra special by making him breakfast.

He loves biscuits and gravy so I made the ULTIMATE breakfast: bicuits, gravy, bacon, eggs, iced coffee

baby is now full πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I didn’t get to take a picture though because I have a pet peeve about people letting their food get cold…sorry but needless to say it was epic.

It is alsoΒ  finally good weather in tally so I plan on laying out as much as possible today

I don’t know about you guys but I am sooo psyched for the fourth! Big plans for tomorrow but you’re just gonna have to wait for the recap! What are you’re plans for the fourth of July?

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Eggs anyone?

21 Jun

I’m officially in Tally!!!

It was a long 4 hour drive but I’m officially here and unpacked! Such a good feeling. This morning I woke up and went to my tally gym for the first time in what seems like a reallllly long time.When I got back I made a green monster (oh course)

this one had:

4 strawberries

2 handfuls of spinach

1 scoop sun warrior

1/4 cup water

handful of almonds

some ice

delicious as usual.

I’m so excited to be living in my own apartment and having enough SPACE for everything. Btw, did I mention I’m living with 4 guys (one of them being giraffe)?!? Yeah, everygirls nightmare/dream combined lol but I love them all so sall good. Oh and two of them are body builders lol yup I live with this

Just kidding!

But they do eat ALOT.

the protein lineup

They eat every 2 hours and they’re STILL hungry. Look at how they buy their eggs

5 dozen at a time, ya that’s alot. But enough about my beefie roomies…

Now onto the grand tour

*keep in mind it’s nothing fancy, just wanted to show you the new digs*


our room

living room

AND guess who finally found these

but you’ll have to wait on that one! Ta ta for now πŸ™‚

New obsession

16 Jun

Where does the time go??

It’s already Wednesday and I have so much to do! I started the day with body pump which I have been missing lately. I feel like since I’ll be loving soon I should get my body pump fix because my gym in Tally sadly doesn’t offer the class 😦

For breakfast I had Chocolate cherry bomb that looked a lot less pretty than this

but I did add a little dollop of almond butta because I noticed that I haven’t been that hungry lately and so I’ve been having a little trouble getting enough calories. But don’t worry Mr. Almond Butta can fix that πŸ™‚

After a day of shopping I picked these up

Cathy Jean Shoes

ooh la la

And was super hungry so I whipped up a monster salad with sweet potato on the side.

bet you’re wondering what the dressing is huh? Wellllllll…this is actually the second time I’ve used this dressing and I have to say I’m kind of loving/obsessed with it at the moment. So what is it bianka? Answer- Spicy brown mustard.

This is especially weird for me because I have NEVER liked mustard, in fact I loathed it. But this spicy mustard is kind of horseradishy and delicious I don’t know lol I just like it and you should definitely try it if you’re getting bored with your same old, same old.

All I do is put a little mustard and water in a bowl (just to thin it out) and if you want add a little stevia if you can’t handle it straight up

And since it’s Indian Food Wednesday I dressed my wittle sweet potato with some curry, cumin, paprika, salt and peppa. It wasn’t my best yet but still pretty tasty and HUGE. I’m coping with a food baby right now as I type.

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Cleaning out my closet

15 Jun

Don’t you hate when you have something planned out in your head and then your forced to change it?

Well last night I decided that I would do body pump this morning and maybe some cardio but didn’t check the schedule to make sure the class was today. Of course it wasn’t. It was yogalates and def not what I was in the mood for but it actually turned out to be a really good thing because I realized I’ve been missing my cardio πŸ™‚

today’s workout:

10 min. jog at 6.5 mph/0 incline; followed by 5 min. walking at 4 mph/5 incline – then repeat for a total of 30 min.

followed by 15 min. on the elliptical at level 7 and 15 min. of abs and back = 1 hour workout

When I got home I had the usual green smoothie with some of these bad boys

ya I know they’re probable genetically modified to make them that huge but I don’t care, these puppies are glorious


As for the curry last night, it was a hit! My parents loved it and my mom said it was SPICY SPICY SPICY!! So beware if you go to make curry using that spice packet. My mom loves spicy food though so she was in heaven.

*News update*- So I completely forgot to mention the fact that in less than a week I will be moving! Yup no more lounging around at home with nothing to do. It’s finally time for summer school and I’m soooooooo excited because I’m finally living in an apartment (no more dormsssss!!!!) AND I’m living with giraffe and one of his frat bros for the summer πŸ™‚ Get ready for craziness ahhhh!

So where am i moving to you ask? I’ll give you some hints-

  • It’s in Florida
  • It’s north of Orlando
  • It’s a public University
  • Our mascot isn’t an animal
  • It’s the capitol of FL
  • It’s freakin rage

If you still haven’t guessed it I’m a Seminole! I can’t tell you how excited I am to get back to Tally. My freshman year seriously went by way to fast and I feel like I didn’t take full advantage of it so this year I’m planning on going out a lot more and going on all the trips/ date functions/ socials i can!

Since I only have a little time left at home I’ve started to buckle down on the things I need to get done. One of which is clean out my closetAnd no that’s not all of it

And even that’s not all but you get the idea.

So far this is what I’ve accomplished

It’s a start.I really liked what Angela had to say about getting rid of clothes- if I haven’t worn it in a full calendar year (all types of weather!) it gets donated.” So I used that rule of thumb while sorting out the keep and dump piles and it reallllly helped. Thanks girl!

What do you guys do with your old clothes?

– I usually just give it to my mom and she’ll sometimes give it to people she knows who are less fortunate or send it to family we have in Brazil.


9 Jun


My morning started with the Booty Firm Up workout. Today’s kicker was definitely the flying scissors- lunges always kill. And i followed it up with my own version of the chocolate cherry bomb which just sounded too delicious since I finally have fresh cherries!

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

a handful of pitted cherries

a little bit of frozen blueberries

2 handfuls of spinach

1 scoop of vanilla sun warrior

1/2 T cacao powder

1 tsp vanilla


Might be a new fav!!

I STILL havent gotten the pics back from my photo shoot (I know it’s only been like 2 days lol patience is hard though) but she did send some teasers so I guess I’ll tease you guys too.

trying to move a turtle out of the road!

hehe this last one wasn’t a real picture, she just decided to snap one while I was picking up this little guy. I think it’s my fav though.

The beach was AMAZING yesterday. Perfect weather which we have def been missing lately.


My parents recently bought a beach house and we are in the process of fixing it up but it is seriously torture knowing that I could be at the beach all day everyday if it weren’t for construction. I can’t wait until it’s finished!

Whenever I go to the beach I always stop by Heath’s Natural Foods and get lunch (and dinner) for the day. I don’t know why, I think it’s the mix of healthy/ already prepared that makes me totally obsessed with their wraps and sandwiches. Yesterday they were out of my favorite Vegan Chicken Salad wrap so I opted for the Avocado wrap and the veggie wrap (which is waiting for me for dinner today yay!)

sorry for the already munched sandwich, I was hungry πŸ™‚

Well I’m off to bake myself in the sun some more! Gotta love summer. What’s your favorite thing to do during summer?

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