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12 Aug

…that pretty much describes how busy I am.

I’m def starting to get worn out 😦 but the week is almost over and next week all our hard work with pre-rush will be worth it when the new babies come running through the front door!!!

Some random eats:

I’ve been making a lot of quick and delicious protein cakes with REAL legit drippy store bought raw almond butta instead of my chunky not-so-spreadable version that didn’t taste as good 😦 and guess what? It was only $10! Publix sells the same size jar for $17, holla! Eaten with frozen banana of course

there have also been some yummy sangwiches

with some reduced fat veganiase and tomato paste as condiments!

I’ve been wanting to try tomato paste as a replacement ketchup ever since I saw angela start using it

on millet bread (my fav). Yummmmmm

well that’s all I’ve got for now but I’m supppeeerrrr excited that I just found out I’m seeing eat, pray, love this weekend! I’ll tell you all how it is don’t worry 😉 have a lovely rest of the week!


day one is done

9 Aug

talk about a long day!


Up at 8 to be there at 9. One hour lunch break and finish at 5. I swear it’s like I work a 9-5!!!

Oh and then after rush stuff I ran to the bank then wal-mart then the apartment office (to bother them some MORE) then to the gym and was finally able to shower and eat. phew.

Now the deets:

This morning I tried out a version of HEAB’s overnight protein chia oats because I wasn’t sure how long I would be at the house and if we’d be allowed a lunch break so I wanted something that would hold me over.

I used 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 c water, 1 T chia seeds, raisins, cacao nibs, and 1/2 T cocoa powder. Then in the morning I added a little less than a scoop of sun warrior. It was delicious and filling, thanks HEAB!

Then you’ll never believe what I had for lunch. My first real fast food for months….the crepevine.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the crepevine is a tallahassee eatery that makes all types of crepes from desserts to lunch to breakfast.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

So what did I order?

They have a make your own option so I got every veggie they had except jalepenos plus salt n peppa.

True, this is probably the healthiest crepe they’ve ever made and also true that it probably wasn’t that bad for me, but I’m going to admit something to you guys, it took alot for me to finally come to terms with it after I ate it.

Besides the fact that crepes aren’t vegan, There’s just something about the fact that it was fast food and that I didn’t know the ingredients that irked me. I know it shouldn’t but it did and I’m trying to learn to come to terms with not eating perfect all the time.

So why did I eat it? Because not only was I hungry, but I only brought a larabar (which I knew wouldn’t be healthy to ONLY have that for lunch) and I didn’t drive so I was at the mercy of where my friends wanted to eat and I hate being the weirdo that won’t eat normal food or the nagger who never wants to eat where everyone else wants to. So I sucked it up and made the best of the situation.

The whole time in the back of my head I just kept remembering all of my fav bloggers who are some of my role models for healthy eating and kept remembering how they indulge too and aren’t always perfect with their eating but they are ok with it because they are also happy with themselves.

So instead of dwelling on it I simply ate how I normally would for the rest of the day and had the larabar after sorority schtuff and a bowl of quinoa and veggies for dinner

all mashed up

that’s the good stuff

Apartment news: My walls were painted today!!! AND I’m getting new carpets….I’m so happyyyy!!!!!! I also found out that the reason my carpets are so messed up now is because the girl before had a dog (our apartment complex doesn’t allow animals) which makes all the scratch marks make a lot more sense. But there is also a red stain and a burn in the carpet from her hair straightener!!! urgh oh well i get new carpet 🙂

and here is my partial workout schedule from july as promised! sorry it was in excel and i didn’t really know how to insert it in here


Text Box: WinCalendar

July 2010
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10
arms chest shoulders
yoga yoga cardio
11 12 13 14 15 16 17
back legs arms chest
cardio cardio
18 19 20 21 22 23 24
shoulders back legs arms chest
25 26 27 28 29 30 31
shoulders back legs arms shoulders back

back and still homeless

5 Aug

It’s true, sadly I’m back in tally sleeping on a sheetless mattress again because I’m not technically moved in yet 😦

In fact, I’ve gotten so desperate that when I went to work out I also showered at the gym. I know this is a normal thing for many people but I think it makes it ultra sad that I showered there out of necessity and not convenience. Oh well only 2 more days!!

I can’t wait to decorate my room. Seriously. You guys have no idea how excited I am to post the before and after pics!! Although I will warn you, don’t expect tooooo much but I’m just super excited to FINALLY have my own place.

So back to today’s activities:

left home around 12:30 and drove 4 long hours to tally…yuck. Then proceed to the gym (as mentioned before) to workout legs that were stiff from driving. After a quick shower I was hungrrryyy and really wanted healthy food that I didn’t have to make so I rushed over to new leaf hoping for the best but it was already 8 so I wasn’t sure if their hot bar would still be open… was!!! success.

this was my first hot bar expirience guys and I must say, it was heaven.

ate the whole thing 🙂

and now some random eats from home:

I got in as many juices as possible while I was home since I don’t have a juicer 😦 Momma always makes carrot +apple + beet + ginger

I told her to go heavy on the ginger for ultra juice powers! She didn’t disappoint lol it was strong!

I also ate this twice

I don’t think I would at all mind eating this everyday for the rest of my life. Quinoa + Eden’s organic pasta sauce +avocado. Simple, classic and delish.

I also tried my first spaghetti squash! I didn’t feel like a savory meal at the time though so I turned it into dessert.

Spaghetti squash + bananas + cinnamon

topped with pecans

It was pretty yummy but I think it would have been even better with some apples instead and maybe some stevia or brown sugar.But I am officially a fan of spaghetti squash. It really turns into spaghetti noodles, who would have thought!

Have you ever had spaghetti squash? What’s your fav way to prepare it so I have some ideas for next time lol?

MIA Blogger- part I

1 Aug

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately but a lot has been going on around here. Now add to that the fact that I haven’t had internet 😦 it’s been a sad and blogless life around here but it’s also been filled with some pretty awesome stuff that I can’t wait to share!

And since I have so much stuff I’m splitting it into 2 parts so…

Part I:

So let’s start from the beginning. As you know, I’m officially homeless. Friday was completely consumed with packing and filling my car to capacity with all the junk I seem to accumulate.

just a couple things

Oh, and did I mention the A/C went out that day…ya it was NOT FUN to say the least. Pretty much wanted to kill myself but I stuck through it and ended with a nice cold shower at my friend Kayla’s place who so kindly let me stay with her.

I swear it was like experiencing a/c for the first time again. I was literally in heaven. And on top of that she had a nice clean apartment and not one filled with dirty dishes that have accumulated from your body builder roommate who is depressed from his dieting that he can’t muster up the strength to clean them himself, gross.

Forgive the digression, let’s continue on. So after my holy shower, me and bebler had some much needed couple time on a dinner date at Sakura Japanese. After working so hard and being so stressed out from the moving to the accounting final, it was nice to enjoy some good food and alone time.

I have to admit something now…I ate fish. And it was damn good.

I’ve actually been thinking about reintroducing fish and eggs back in my diet for a while now. I haven’t made any decisions yet, but that night I did splurge and enjoy something I’ve always loved. Do I regret it? No. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been stressed or because I haven’t been buying enough of a variety of foods but my diet hasn’t been satisfying me lately. I feel really constricted on what I can eat and helpless when I’m hungry. I don’t think anyone should feel like this and we should all be happy eating what we like and what makes us feel good. So for right now I’m weighing my options and I’m going to see what works best for me and my lifestyle right now. I’m sorry if this offends any non-meat eaters or anyone else, but I don’t think I should be a hypocrite and lie to you guys either.

So going back to dinner at Sakura we enjoyed some pretty great food.

For starters I had miso soup,

And bebler got his fav gyoza (pork dumplings)

Then we ordered the July roll (bebler’s fav),

The sakura roll,

The fantastic roll, which was literally FANTASTIC (my fav)

And one other I can’t remember the name of

Sooooo good. Man I missed sushi 🙂 and don’t worry, we had left overs. but usually me and carson can put down sushi like it’s our job! the waiters always used to come back and say “wow, looks like you guys were hungry” and then I would get self conscious lol

Then after, bebler went out with the boys while me and Kayla went to see Charlie St. Cloud….it was just ok. We felt like it didn’t do a good job of explaining things and it was just kind of weird. But at least we got some entertainment. And then we got back to her apartment and watched the new JERSEY SHORE IN MIAMI!!! Man I miss the GTL, drama, and fist pumping! Good ending to a rough day 🙂

Stay tuned for part II TRUST ME you don’t want to miss what happened the next day…

Accounting is OVER!

29 Jul


You have no idea how realized I am. Me and bebler decided it just doesn’t come naturally to me like it does for him. not fair 😦 Don’t get me wrong though, so far my grade is really good so depending the grade I get on the Final I took today, I could get an A 🙂

Oh ya forget to mention the final was this morning….at 9:15. I got up at 7 and literally got no sleep last night. Can you say zombie mode?

Well the good thing is I will officially be a lot less stressed so I can focus more on the bloggie!!

Today’s Workout:

Legs- 3 sets 15 reps

  • leg extensions
  • lying leg curls
  • calf raises
  • lunges
  • hip adductor
  • hip abductor
  • hip extensions

Random Eats:

guess who made for hummus!?! It’s kind of a problem how much I eat when I make it. Hence why I take breaks between when I run out and remake it lol

Anyhoo here is my random dinner from last night- quinoa, spinach, carrot sticks, huge dollop of hummus 🙂 perfect.

cauliflower rice + pasta sauce

20 Jul

Hey guys!

So I know you are probably wondering what has happened with my fitness plan since I haven’t been talking about it. Don’t worry! All is well on the home front. I’ve been keeping up with the strength training and eating 5-6 meals a day.

I’m still really liking eating smaller meals often (mostly because I’m always bored and it gives me something to look forward too :)) but I have to say, I don’t like how full/bloated I’m feeling sometimes. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

The workouts are also going really well. I started logging my workouts on a calendar so I can keep track and make sure I don’t forget/slip up on my strength training. I really haven’t been doing any cardio at all though 😦 I’ve found that I’m really missing my cardio. It gives me so much energy and without the cardio I’m a lot more lethargic than I would like. But besides that minor downside I’m loving how strong I’m feeling and how I go to the gym “with purpose” now lol I know my exercises and what needs to get done and I do it! I feel like one of the guys 🙂 At the end of the month I’ll try and post my calendar for you or somehow tell you how my schedule played out.

Random eats:

cinnamon protein cake with mango

post workout protein! I had a ripe mango that I cut up the night before and instead of pulverizing it into a mango protein shake I decided to have cake! Can you blame me?

afternoon snack- cucumber, red onion, tomato, apple cider vinegar, raw agave, salt n’ peppa

(unseen- a massive lettuce leaf and a couple handfuls of raisins)

refreshing and yummy 🙂

and then there was dinner

Not going to lie, I have actually had this 2 or 3 days in a row. It’s gooooood. Plus I’m pretty much just obsessed with this sauce!

Cauliflower Rice with Pasta Sauce

1/3 head of cauliflower (probably even better steamed but I had it raw baby)

1/2 cup of Eden Organic Pizza/Pasta sauce

1 T nutritional yeast

1/4 tomato (chopped)

1/4 red pepper (chopped)

salt n’ peppa

I was trying to get my raw veggies in so I just warmed up the sauce and left the veggies uncooked. But I know this would prob be wayyyy better with some steamed cauliflower and sauteed tomato and red pepper with garlic. Oh gosh now I’m salivating…

And dessert?

You’ll just have to wait for my next post, but I’ll give you a hint- I’ve been doing some fun variations on my fav

Perfect Personal Pan Pizza

15 Jul

Guess what? CAMERA IS BACK IN BUSINESS BABY!!! Now pardon my outburst and let’s get back to your planned programming 🙂


Remember when you were little and you used to get personal pan pizza’s from Pizza Hut? or maybe you still do? lol

Well I did and I’ve been craving pizza lately so I decided to try my hand at making a healthy and delicious vegan version to satisfy my italiano cravings

Step one: make socca for the crust

I only did (approx.) 1/4 cup garbanzo bean flour, 2 T water, and 1.5 t olive oil. It should be as thick as pancake batter. Season with some salt.

Step two: While the socca cooked I cut up some tomatoes and red pepper to put on top

and I opened the best thing EVER!!

Maybe just because I haven’t had red sauce in a while 🙂 I was excited to say the least

Step three: spread the glorious sauce on the socca then sprinkle it with 1T Nutritional yeast and a pinch of salt.

Step four: bring on the toppings!! I used tomatoes and red peppers but I also added little slivers of avocado to create the creaminess from the cheese…delish!

Step five: Put it in the oven just to reheat the socca and warm the toppings

Step six: Enjoy!!!!

mmmmmm so good 🙂

What toppings do you like on your pizza? I was always a traditional girl,  just cheese please!