MIA Blogger- part I

1 Aug

Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately but a lot has been going on around here. Now add to that the fact that I haven’t had internet 😦 it’s been a sad and blogless life around here but it’s also been filled with some pretty awesome stuff that I can’t wait to share!

And since I have so much stuff I’m splitting it into 2 parts so…

Part I:

So let’s start from the beginning. As you know, I’m officially homeless. Friday was completely consumed with packing and filling my car to capacity with all the junk I seem to accumulate.

just a couple things

Oh, and did I mention the A/C went out that day…ya it was NOT FUN to say the least. Pretty much wanted to kill myself but I stuck through it and ended with a nice cold shower at my friend Kayla’s place who so kindly let me stay with her.

I swear it was like experiencing a/c for the first time again. I was literally in heaven. And on top of that she had a nice clean apartment and not one filled with dirty dishes that have accumulated from your body builder roommate who is depressed from his dieting that he can’t muster up the strength to clean them himself, gross.

Forgive the digression, let’s continue on. So after my holy shower, me and bebler had some much needed couple time on a dinner date at Sakura Japanese. After working so hard and being so stressed out from the moving to the accounting final, it was nice to enjoy some good food and alone time.

I have to admit something now…I ate fish. And it was damn good.

I’ve actually been thinking about reintroducing fish and eggs back in my diet for a while now. I haven’t made any decisions yet, but that night I did splurge and enjoy something I’ve always loved. Do I regret it? No. I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been stressed or because I haven’t been buying enough of a variety of foods but my diet hasn’t been satisfying me lately. I feel really constricted on what I can eat and helpless when I’m hungry. I don’t think anyone should feel like this and we should all be happy eating what we like and what makes us feel good. So for right now I’m weighing my options and I’m going to see what works best for me and my lifestyle right now. I’m sorry if this offends any non-meat eaters or anyone else, but I don’t think I should be a hypocrite and lie to you guys either.

So going back to dinner at Sakura we enjoyed some pretty great food.

For starters I had miso soup,

And bebler got his fav gyoza (pork dumplings)

Then we ordered the July roll (bebler’s fav),

The sakura roll,

The fantastic roll, which was literally FANTASTIC (my fav)

And one other I can’t remember the name of

Sooooo good. Man I missed sushi 🙂 and don’t worry, we had left overs. but usually me and carson can put down sushi like it’s our job! the waiters always used to come back and say “wow, looks like you guys were hungry” and then I would get self conscious lol

Then after, bebler went out with the boys while me and Kayla went to see Charlie St. Cloud….it was just ok. We felt like it didn’t do a good job of explaining things and it was just kind of weird. But at least we got some entertainment. And then we got back to her apartment and watched the new JERSEY SHORE IN MIAMI!!! Man I miss the GTL, drama, and fist pumping! Good ending to a rough day 🙂

Stay tuned for part II TRUST ME you don’t want to miss what happened the next day…


Accounting is OVER!

29 Jul


You have no idea how realized I am. Me and bebler decided it just doesn’t come naturally to me like it does for him. not fair 😦 Don’t get me wrong though, so far my grade is really good so depending the grade I get on the Final I took today, I could get an A 🙂

Oh ya forget to mention the final was this morning….at 9:15. I got up at 7 and literally got no sleep last night. Can you say zombie mode?

Well the good thing is I will officially be a lot less stressed so I can focus more on the bloggie!!

Today’s Workout:

Legs- 3 sets 15 reps

  • leg extensions
  • lying leg curls
  • calf raises
  • lunges
  • hip adductor
  • hip abductor
  • hip extensions

Random Eats:

guess who made for hummus!?! It’s kind of a problem how much I eat when I make it. Hence why I take breaks between when I run out and remake it lol

Anyhoo here is my random dinner from last night- quinoa, spinach, carrot sticks, huge dollop of hummus 🙂 perfect.


27 Jul

Well i figured since I asked you what your favorite bar was I could at least answer my own question lol

So what’s my favorite bar?

Well Since I’ve gone vegan I really haven’t tried many and especially the fact that I don’t like how much added sugar is in some of the bars out there I have generally stuck to larabars and I must say I love them! I still haven’t tried all the flavors yet either so I’m loving being a little taste tester 🙂

Not only are the ingredients lists short, natural, and gluten free, but they are delicious! The only other problem is that I don’t like coconut…I know, I’m weird. So now onto my fav flavors of LARABAR!!







I still have a few to try so I’ll keep you posted but I REALLLLY want to try the new carrot cake one! It sounds yummy.

Now onto today’s workout and random eats


Shoulders- still on the same routine. I’m so excited it’s almost the end of the month so I can finally switch up my routine!

(workout from here)

cardio- 30 min. elliptical

my shoulders hurt 😦


I decided it was a socca kind of day so I crisped mine and jazzed it up with salt, garlic pepper, and flax seeds. Some flax fell in the pan and kept popping up and hitting me 😦

Then I smeared it with some black bean dip, a sprinkle of nutritional yeast, a couple leaves of spinach and called it a day. Perfect!

Have you tried socca yet? If not, GO MAKE SOME NOW! If you have, how do you eat your socca?

Homemade Protein Bars

26 Jul

As you may or may not remember, my beloved sun warrior stash has been depleted.

Although I bought some online, I had it sent to my house instead of my apartment and so it sits at my parents home…all alone…in the dark pantry…unused *tear*

So to supplement my protein needs for the time being, I went out and purchased the cheapest vegan/non-soy protein  money could buy.

well I guess I got what my money paid for because this stuff tastes like poop 😦

Now let’s add the fact that the magic bullet is broken and I’m too lazy to clean the blender so smoothies are no longer happening. So what’s a girl to do when she needs her protein fix?

make my own protein bars that’s what!!!

I made two different types. The first one (closest) I made with nuts but since I feel like I am eating too many nuts I wanted to make a second version without nuts so I added puffed millet cereal instead.

I also not really a fan of this cereal. I know, I know, it broke my heart too because I love my millet bread. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

Now before I get to the recipes, I’m going to warn you that the nut free recipe is still a work in progress but I supppppose I will share the recipe with you anyways 🙂

with nuts on the right

Homemade Protein Bar (with nuts)

1/2-2/3 cup raw almonds

4 dates

3 T protein powder

1 T cacao nibs

dash of cinnamon

water as needed

put protein powder, dates, cinnamon and nuts in food processor and process. nuts and dates are ground add 1 tsp of water then process. continue to do this until dough will stay together in a ball (DON”T ADD TOO MUCH WATER). at the very end add the cacao nibs and process just to mix it throughout. then empty onto foil and form into bar shape. Cut into desired size and enjoy your chemical/preservative free and cheap homemade bar!

Homemade Nut-Free Protein Bar

6 dates

3 T protein powder

1/2 cup puffed millet cereal

1 T cacao nibs

dash of cinnamon

process the dates, cinnamon, and protein powder and when well combined begin gradually adding water as needed just as before. after the dough turns into a consistency where it can easily form a ball, add the cacao nibs and process just to mix. empty onto foil with millet cereal already laid out on foil and begin incorporating the cereal into the dough by hand. after fully incorporated, form into bar shape and cut into desired size.

* just as a reference I ended up with 2 bars

size comparison of larabar to the nut-free bar= mine is bigger 🙂

oops! I had actually eaten half of the nut bar but I bet you thought it was whole the entire time ha!

What’s your favorite packaged snack or protein bar?

Pump Up Music

25 Jul

Can’t find the motivation to keep running?

Why not switch up your music?

What’s my fav running/workout jams?

and why am I asking so many rhetorical questions?

Let’s just do this!


I’m partial to this crazy little white guy

Girl Talk is a DJ that mixes up some crazy beats that always keep me pumped up.

And then there’s this guy

yet another DJ (are you sensing a pattern?)

then there’s the BEP

can’t go wrong there

And of course there is Lady Gaga, Usher, Flo Rida, 3Oh!3, Justin Timberlake (especially FutureSex/Lovesounds), and so many more

*Btw I’m not so into the radio or the “what’s hot right now” songs. I hate how over played they are commercialized but if I’m still liking it after it isn’t “hot” anymore, then I’ll buy it 🙂 *

Hope this puts a little pep in your step!

What kind of music gets you pumped?

VOO Variations

23 Jul

I’ve been experimenting with my beloved VOO by using different grains!

I had a huge bag of rolled oats that I brought to college from costco and I finally used it up so while I was at the grocery store I decided I wanted to try some less processed oats and grains and see how they matched up to my precious *gollum voice*.

First up: Buckwheat Groats

Still in the Tupperware=not so pretty, Sowwwyy

I cooked these then added the usual almond milk, dark cocoa powder, chia seeds, cacao nibs, and raisins then let them sit in the fridge and marinate.

The groats are very soft but they retain their shape so you get to taste the texture of each of the little kernels. It kind of has an odd taste though that I don’t really know how to describe…you’ll just have to try it for yourself. But for me, it was a little off putting.

layered with the amazing banana soft serve of course

on a positive note, I must say the groats layer very well. I mean look at those perfect layers!

Second Version: Steel Cut Oats

prepared the same as the groats…

I don’t know if I just didn’t cook it long enough but the texture was a lot chewier than I thought it would be. Whenever I see steel cut oats on other blogs I guess they just look creamier so I was expecting a porridge type thing which is not what I made lol

Third Try: Breakfast Sundae

Sorry Katie!

I really did try but I had the worst day ever!!! I broke my roommates magic bullet while I was trying to make your breakfast sundae…coincidence? It was so gross, I guess I’m a little too rough with the thing so it started melting plastic into my precious nanners! 😦 not happy. So anyways…this was what I could come up with. Not very pretty but still yummy and isn’t that all that matters? I even used your voluminous oats trick on my steel cut oats 😉 Much better texture and a lot less chewy. Just do me a favor and pretend that the bananas are whipped for the whipped cream and the peanut butter date blob is the sauce and the cacao nibs are the sprinkles. Gotta love the imagination!

*Note: Cooking the oats gives it more of a creamy/ pasty texture I’ve found. This isn’t necessarily bad but I think I just prefer the chew of the uncooked rolled oats

Verdict= although heavens knows I love experimenting and whipping up new concoctions to find new and awesome treats, for my beloved VOO……it seems uncooked rolled oats are the queen bee. Nothing compares to the original my friends, at least for now.

But believe me, this is not the end of my quest to find new delicious obsessions and if I find something that beats the ultimate VOO, you will be the first ones to know 😉

Have you tried making VOO yet? Better yet, have you tried a different variation on VOO?

*Don’t forget to enter Chocolate-Covered Katie’s giveaway!

I got an award!

22 Jul

Yesterday, Alyssa at Gluten Free Muse made my day by giving me this little gem

Thanks again Alyssa!!! Sometimes it’s just nice to know there are actually people reading and enjoying what I write.

so anyhooo… to accept this award there are certain requirements that are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Tell 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered, and think are fantastic!

And now, 7 things about me:

  1. I’ve been skydiving. It was so exhilarating and I would definitely take it up as a hobby if it wasn’t so expen$ive. I wasn’t scared at all either, it was just really fun and trust me even if you are afraid of heights it won’t affect your jump because you are literally so high that it is just a totally surreal experience. Do it!!
  2. I’ve taken art classes my entire life and took AP 2-D studio art my senior year. I’m kinda sad that I haven’t taken a class in a little over a year and I really want to get back into it in college somehow.
  3. I’m Brazilian. My mom is from a little town in northern brazil called Recife. I finally got to visit recently for the second time (the first being when I was 3!) and I had an awesome time and got to see all of her side of the family. Did I mention the food was AMAZING!
  4. My major is retail merchandising. Besides health and nutrition, I’m obsessed with fashion. What I want to do with my major I don’t exactly know, all I know is I want to work in the fashion industry some way some how. Ideally something like what lauren or whitney from the Hills/City do sounds good to me 🙂
  5. I can sing the jigglypuff song just like jigglypuff. It’s a gift, I know.
  6. I’m obsessed with Anthony Bourdain. If I could sit down and have lunch with anyone, I would choose him. He’s just such a bad ass. (On a side note: I’m just kind of obsessed with the food/travel channels in general).
  7. I love grocery shopping. I literally could search the greenwise section of Publix for hours and not buy anything but I just love looking at all the different products and wondering how things taste, is it healthy, or what can I make with it.

And my picks for the Winners of the Versatile Award:

  1. SkinnyRunner
  2. Peanut Butter and Jenny
  3. food4fitness
  4. Chocolate-Covered Katie
  5. the edible perspective
  6. meals and moves
  7. Healthy Tipping Point
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Congratulations! you should be sooo honored lol jk. you guys rock!