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Errands Galore

4 Aug

Oh mylanta!

Talk about a busy day! I’m back home in Orlando finally and stressed out of my mind! I have been running around doing errands all day because I only have 1 1/2 ish days left home. It’s going so fast! It really sounded like a lot longer when I planned it out but I have to make due with what I have because this was the only time I could go home 😦

The day started with a workout- 30 min. cardio + some back exercises. Then ran back home to get in some food.

We had planned to stop by the eye doctor but they were booked 😦 so we made an appointment for wednesday instead and jetted to COSTCO!! only one of my fav places ever. I’m a loser, i love a good bargain.

After loading up on toilet paper, paper towels, oats and coffee for the rest of my life lol we went to whole foods to get some food since there was absolutely NOTHING to eat at the house. It was actually kind of strange. I had a hard time understanding what my parents eat when their hungry and then I remembered…”oh there’s actually kind of a lot when you consider that they eat like normal people” lol. My brain obviously no longer works that way.

After that, it was bed bath and beyond, then kohl’s, then publix, then BACK to bed bath and beyond, then target (it was obvious that we were starting to get a little loopy from all shopping and could no longer make up our minds).

Somewhere in that we managed to eat and I even made my step dad’s fav vegan coffee cake again!

He’s been missing it alot since I’m the only person that can make it according to him lol.

look at that choc chip goodness! (recipe adapted from the clean eating mama)

And to end the day I enjoyed one of my new favs oat bran VOO!!!

It’s more pudding-y because the oat bran is so small and mealy. It’s prob my second fav after rolled oats. What can I say, I like to chew my food!!

Oh and in case you were wondering this is where I slept the night before I drove home and the conditions I’ll be sleeping in again for 2 more days after I return to tally thursday

yes that’s my new room and yes, that is a sheetless mattress 😦 it made me feel so homeless. not fun. Can’t wait to move in my stuff and actually have a HOME again!


New obsession

16 Jun

Where does the time go??

It’s already Wednesday and I have so much to do! I started the day with body pump which I have been missing lately. I feel like since I’ll be loving soon I should get my body pump fix because my gym in Tally sadly doesn’t offer the class 😦

For breakfast I had Chocolate cherry bomb that looked a lot less pretty than this

but I did add a little dollop of almond butta because I noticed that I haven’t been that hungry lately and so I’ve been having a little trouble getting enough calories. But don’t worry Mr. Almond Butta can fix that 🙂

After a day of shopping I picked these up

Cathy Jean Shoes

ooh la la

And was super hungry so I whipped up a monster salad with sweet potato on the side.

bet you’re wondering what the dressing is huh? Wellllllll…this is actually the second time I’ve used this dressing and I have to say I’m kind of loving/obsessed with it at the moment. So what is it bianka? Answer- Spicy brown mustard.

This is especially weird for me because I have NEVER liked mustard, in fact I loathed it. But this spicy mustard is kind of horseradishy and delicious I don’t know lol I just like it and you should definitely try it if you’re getting bored with your same old, same old.

All I do is put a little mustard and water in a bowl (just to thin it out) and if you want add a little stevia if you can’t handle it straight up

And since it’s Indian Food Wednesday I dressed my wittle sweet potato with some curry, cumin, paprika, salt and peppa. It wasn’t my best yet but still pretty tasty and HUGE. I’m coping with a food baby right now as I type.

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