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Grain Free Day

26 Jun

Today’s post is all about food.

After being so carb crazy lately, I made it a point to stay away from grains today. Trust me, it was needed. I went out last night and woke up to an empty bag of mary’s crackers by the bed…gotta love late night drunk snacking :/

When I woke up my tummy hurt alittle and I didn’t have much of an appetite. I’ve also been craving salty/savory food like crazy lately so this morning I finished the sweet potato from yesterday by cutting the two chunks that were left into thinner slices and topping them with spicy brown mustard.

This is definitely not a green monster but still yummy.

Since the USA v. Ghana game was on I decided kale chips would be the perfect munching food.

I dressed my kale with some nutritional yeast, apple cider vinegar, liquid aminos, salt, and pepper. Wasn’t the best chips I’ve ever made but still delish. I think the vinegar is what made them taste a little funky.

Even though US didn’t win 😦 my food was still a winner :). I ate my plate with a corona light and lime (I know, I’m bad but it’s summer).

After I got home from club pub (aka publix) I was super excited to try out a new salsa I bought. It’s organic with no added sugar and tastes delish so I decided to make a kelp noodle dish out of it in an attempt to be grain free today.

I did a mix of kelp noodles, spinach, red onion, avocado, sprouts and salsa. Totally satisfying!

btw in case you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve been making a serious effort to eat out the fridge before I go to the grocery store again. I have literally been to publix like everyday that I’ve been here so far…not good! So sorry if my eats get a little redundant.

Lastly dessert was chocolate banana soft serve layered with crushed peanut butter cookie larabar and cacao nibs

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll actually workout!

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Healthy Nesquik

25 Jun

I hope learning a little bit more about my diet ( I made a new page for it) helped make things clearer and even helped you learn something! I urge you to keep researching and learning more about nutrition and what works for you. The only way I was finally able to find the diet that truly works for me was through trial and error.

Now onto some of the days eats:

I ended up laying out instead of working out in the morning so I pushed it back to right before dinner. Before I left I was a little hungry/light headed so I made a quick chia pudding to keep me going

I was in a rush so it didn’t sit long and was still a little runny but it did the trick.

Chocolate Chia Pudding

1 T Chia Seeds

1/4-1/2 c almond milk (or desired consitency)

1 tsp mesquite

1 tsp dark cocoa powder (not raw but sooo good)

a little stevia to sweeten

stir it all together and let sit, the longer the thicker. This tasted like chocolate milk. I’m sure it you omitted the chia seeds it WOULD be chocolate milk. Healthy nesquik!

On a side note: Someone asked what mesquite tasted like. I guess the only way I can describe it is it’s kind of earthy, sweet and nutty smelling (think of a sweet smelling tree). Or what about this picture- a nut and cinnamon and a little bit of sugar got together and had a love baby? lol I don’t know but it is definitely an awesome addition to your spice and powder collection, especially when you’re not technically in the mood for chocolate but still want something sweet.

Now back to the workout. It was horrible. I hate waiting to workout because when I don’t workout in the morning I find I don’t have as much energy during the day and therefore no motivation to go later. But I was VERY bad yesterday and carbo loaded to the max so I knew I needed to go.

As soon as I got on the treadmill I realized my ipod was dead. I also recently finished reading my newest magazine so I had nothing to keep me entertained :(. Not only that but I had to pee throughout my entire run! Besides all of that though I pushed myself pretty hard. I did 15 min. starting at 6 mph. Each min. I increased my speed by .1 mph. At 14 min. I finished hard and increased by .2 to end at 7.5 mph. I know I could have run more or done something else but i had to PEE! So I gave up and did abs. To top it all off at the end of the workout it was raining and thundering outside 😦 not a good workout day at all.

For dinner I was craving sweet potato again, even though it ALWAYS seems to bloat me, and I made a salad to go with it

The dressing was a little reduced fat veganaise and spicy brown mustard watered down. I only ended up eating 3 of the sweet potato slices and got some mary’s crackers instead

have you ever had these?

I finally gave up resisting them after seeing them on EVERY blog and bought the expensive box of crackers. Big mistake. I got the original kind and it tasted verryyyy familiar. I still don’t know what it is, but I’ve eaten something that tastes just like them before. Anyways, the taste is good but nothing special. They also don’t fill me up at all so I have practically eaten the entire box in two days- Not something to be proud of. Basically they are not worth the money in my opinion and also not something I want to be filling myself up on (I prefer to get my carbs from fruits and vegetables)

So basically I have not been too happy on the food front or workout front lately but I am trying to get back to normal and get more veggies back into my life.

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New obsession

16 Jun

Where does the time go??

It’s already Wednesday and I have so much to do! I started the day with body pump which I have been missing lately. I feel like since I’ll be loving soon I should get my body pump fix because my gym in Tally sadly doesn’t offer the class 😦

For breakfast I had Chocolate cherry bomb that looked a lot less pretty than this

but I did add a little dollop of almond butta because I noticed that I haven’t been that hungry lately and so I’ve been having a little trouble getting enough calories. But don’t worry Mr. Almond Butta can fix that 🙂

After a day of shopping I picked these up

Cathy Jean Shoes

ooh la la

And was super hungry so I whipped up a monster salad with sweet potato on the side.

bet you’re wondering what the dressing is huh? Wellllllll…this is actually the second time I’ve used this dressing and I have to say I’m kind of loving/obsessed with it at the moment. So what is it bianka? Answer- Spicy brown mustard.

This is especially weird for me because I have NEVER liked mustard, in fact I loathed it. But this spicy mustard is kind of horseradishy and delicious I don’t know lol I just like it and you should definitely try it if you’re getting bored with your same old, same old.

All I do is put a little mustard and water in a bowl (just to thin it out) and if you want add a little stevia if you can’t handle it straight up

And since it’s Indian Food Wednesday I dressed my wittle sweet potato with some curry, cumin, paprika, salt and peppa. It wasn’t my best yet but still pretty tasty and HUGE. I’m coping with a food baby right now as I type.

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Sweet Potato Smoothie

7 Jun

Morning bloggies! Did everyone watch their shows last night? You know I did! Phew that was a lot of tv and I wasn’t expecting the Next Food Network Star to be 2 HOURS but sall good. I still have to watch the Movie Awards but Carson recorded it so we can watch it commercial-free when I visit him on thursday.

I forgot to mention earlier but this morning I had a photo shoot to get some professional pics taken. They aren’t necessarily for anything but my mom wants to send them in to some agencies to see if I can start modeling. I’ve always dreamed of modeling but to me it’s one of those things that I never thought I was really good enough for. I mean I’m no Victoria’s secret angel (my Dream has always been to be one 🙂 hehehe) I’m just little old nobody bianka.

But I really enjoyed today and the pictures were looking really good so only time will tell. I’ll post some of the pictures when the photographer sends them, I can’t wait!

the park where we did the photo shoot

After the photo sesh I made a green monster with sweet potato! It was pretty delish and I was pleasantly surprised

than again how could anything be bad with sweet potato?

Sweet Potato Smoothie

1/2 sweet potato (cooked)

1 cup blueberries

2 cups spinach

1 scoop sun warrior

dash of cinnamon

enough water to blend and some ice to thicken

Have an awesome monday!